What Brawl Stars is better than Clash Royale?

it Is clear that each person is a world and to taste the colors. But in this opinion article, I want to answer the question that many users are doing on the social networks about whether Brawl Stars is better than Clash Royale.

As you know, Brawl Stars has left only for iOS at the moment. Android users are still waiting to play, although many can play on the iPad. But in the case of the smartphone, we are still waiting for the game to land on Android.

how Brawl Stars is better than Clash Royale?

But these days in social networks many users have said if Brawl Stars is better than Clash Royale. I have been able to try both and today we bring to you the answer, at least, my opinion after trying both games.

What is the difference between Brawl Stars of Clash Royale?

In the case of Clash Royale, the glasses of the you win or lose you. Obviously, it depends on your opponent because you play against another (if it lets you win you’re going to win or if it is super strong, you could lose). But only depend on yourself.

on the contrary, in Brawl Stars there are individual modes and co-operative. There are many events in which you win or lose the entire team. This is good if you are a “normal” user, but if you’re good enough and you play bad companions, you will lose trophies.

The battles last for like

In less than 3 minutes you will have every one of the items lists. Here are the same ?

you Have characters

In both games there are characters. In the Clash Royale, you choose decks and Brawl Stars you choose a character for each event.

So… what is better?

To me, I still like more Clash Royale. Are the games very different. Have a touch similar, but they are also different because they do not have to depend only from you.

To give you an idea, Brawl Stars reminds me very much of the LOL.

Many users are bored of CR because of the gemeros

however, Clash Royale in that sense it’s very authentic and I think that is the best game of Supercell to date. Although I’ve also seen comments from users who are bored of CR by the gemeros

What do you think you are? What is best for you?

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