What battery problems in Android Nougat?

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Android Nougat could you give us battery problems. There are many users who have gone through Android N Preview and have run into many bugs along the versions, bugs with the power buttons, bugs in WhatsApp, many of the problems and also one fat one as is the battery, which lasts as much as a Marshmallow.

The bad pass for the versions in testing, is that many times we find errors determined over the changes of versions. The great problem of the Marshmallow was simply the compatibility with the applications, at the beginning, something that Nougat is not actually taking because we have tested it, however, we did notice that the battery lasts much less than before.

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Android Nougat could you give us battery problems

When I bought the Nexus 6S, in December, came with Android Marshmallow. It was all a surprise because the battery I lasted more than 1 day, namely a day and a half to be exact. However, with Android Nougat since February I was experiencing a lot of bugs and problems. Mobile sometimes shut off suddenly, the battery was a little stung… things that are not normal in a stable version, but in a test (it is something that you are facing).

however, yes I have noticed with the jump to the Nougat that the battery lasts considerably less. Don’t arrive at the day! My Nexus 6S on the 7-8 of the evening I do not have a battery. Now I have to go back to using external batteries (when at the beginning, it was unthinkable because I was holding more than I thought). There was the feeling that lasted a lot and now, it loads and after a while you will already have an 80% without doing anything.

we are Still on Android N Preview 5, it is not a final version, but it is quite stable and that concerns me.

Android Nougat final confirmed

we will Have to wait a little more, until you have the final version of Android Nougat in the middle of this month of August.

Not much, just a few days. So we have to be very attentive, because I that I will live in first person I think to tell you about it all.

do you Have a Nougat, and you also have battery issues?

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