What are the 7 Android apps that more data, battery and memory consuming?

Aplicaciones mas bateria gastan Android

we don’t need to look at the report of data usage, battery, and memory applications to sense what are the 7 of Android applications most downloaded and installed on millions of Android phones more battery, memory and data spend.

Yes, any of the following 7 applications of the list makes a great data consumption, battery and memory and let’s start the list with the crown jewel, the great application of Facebook that each year spends more and more hopeless. When do you optimize Facebook enough your App to be less aggressive with our phone? Because in reality we believe that you will never do, if it is not aggressive with our terminal may not have as many data or be as immersive.

Aplicaciones gastan mucha bateria en Android

do 7 more applications gastonas that you can have in your Android phone?

Thousand, and once we have said that it is worth to delete Facebook from Android, but this assumes lose one of the applications most used and, therefore, we keep our mobile phone with all that this implies.

In the list are applications very famous that we all know and use, some of them are the most downloaded and sure that many are on your phone.



is no secret. Facebook is becoming more and more bulky and heavy, the attempts to make it ever more affordable, do not end well, and some updates even drink the battery of our mobile phones without sense.

Facebook is far and away the most data -, battery-and memory-consuming, all without a us account. If you delete Facebook you can save between 20 and 40% in the autonomy of the mobile although it also depends on how you have it configured.

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Descargar la última versión de Snapchat para Android

Another who hates Facebook (that’s why you try to copy it up at the expense of battery) is Snapchat, and this is another one of the worst to our mobile although is very extended its use among the young. Snapchat makes an expenditure of data-bestial (the need to play back videos and images) at the same time that is not very well optimized. It is a app from downloading data and this leads to consumption at the rate and in the battery of our mobile.

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spotify premium gratis

Spotify is one of those infiltrated which a priori does not use much battery, when not in use. If you are Premium expenditure data in the background from Spotify can be beastly, and if we use it a lot until the battery can be severely affected.

Spotify does not reach the consumption of Snapchat or Facebook but to be the application that is it, it is pretty aggressive to be a simple music player.

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enviar regalos por line

LINE is the only messaging app which is glue between the more data consumed, and more resources spent. The explanation is very simple. LINE is an application loaded with features, to anything simple. We must not forget that it serves for play games, send stickers, make video calls, etc

Among the large quantity of resources and its powerful synchronization in the background make LINE spend much more than what it seems, and we uninstall it from our phone, but it is essential to. Other alternatives such as WhatsApp or Telegram makes a consumer much more efficient.

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Link not just end with our patience but also drains the battery of our mobile. A few days ago we published an article on the 5 best applications to pick from our mobile and Tinder, like the others, is one of the most battery is spent.

Tinder does a big data usage in the background and in addition consumes a lot of data because it bases its use on photos. If you have cut off the flow of data in the background, and the use of efficiently may not be a problem but you have to have it in mind to not be scares.

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Clean Master


we Had thought that Clean Master could not be on the list but yes, it is ironic. The application that supposedly makes you go the better our mobile phone makes a battery consumption bestial and in addition brings us to problems with overlay screen among other things.

Clean Master is an application that should never be on your mobile and in fact, far from being a help, is a burden for our device. Clean Master makes us spend more battery and agravemos the performance of the phone to change anything good for us.

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Amazon Shopping

aplicaciones de pago gratis amazon underground

The last of the list, although we could go on for days, is the implementation of Amazon Shopping. It is not that then a consumer of data in the background is huge but yes you spend a lot of data when we are consulted articles, or seeing what to buy.

it Is obvious that Amazon Shopping spend a lot of data because it is based on images and you have to load a lot of information but if we use the browser of our phone to navigate Amazon the consumption will be much lower and the operation is similar.

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These are 7 of the applications most used by users and more data to spend, if you have them in your mobile you should ask yourself uninstall them or configure them correctly for you to spend the least battery possible. In the case of most applications Doze you can make these stop data consumption in the background elevated and that may serve for that not to be the most harmful to our phone.

And you know, if you have all together and the battery of your mobile phone along with your data rate does not last nothing the explanation is clear…

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