What 5 things should improve WhatsApp on 2016?

Virus de WhatsApp con mensaje de Navidad

Facebook has bought WhatsApp and what is certain is that this app, since that time, has not stopped adding new features although there is still much work to be done for that Whatsapp is just as good as fame put it.

There are 5 things that we ask him to WhatsApp and that should improve in 2016 although nothing guarantees that we do, but asking is free. Before continuing we take this opportunity to remind you that you have to be careful with the virus on WhatsApp messages of christmas, are very fashionable.


Yes, despite the fact that we have spent many months listening to talk of the video of WhatsApp in 2015 have not yet been integrated. It is true that we are increasingly close and have been filtered, even screenshots of the video of WhatsApp but still have not been released or in beta state.

Facebook already has video calls in Messenger and these should reach also to WhatsApp but it may be that everything is a rumor or getting out soon, maybe the problems with calls from WhatsApp have had something to do.

Delete messages posted by mistake

sometimes we send messages in an erroneous way. WhatsApp allows you to erase messages on your phone, but the recipient also receives the message and this could have been avoided. Other applications allow you to delete messages the easy way.

Is better to put the message has been deleted to the other person see a phrase that should not be, in some cases it is not important but in others it can be. why not allow to delete messages WhatsApp?

Recuperar mensajes borrados WhatsApp

Disable calls

there is No way to turn off the calls or, the current form, it is not all good. The phones allow you to block calls from certain users and the only way to block calls from a contact of WhatsApp is blocking the user completely.

A button to turn off the calls in the settings or the possibility of blocking certain users would not be more, we do not understand why WhatsApp adds features to average always.

Activar llamadas en WhatsApp

secure Communication

We would like to, once and for all, that WhatsApp is safe. It is true that WhatsApp has improved over the years but in terms of privacy is the worst of the market.

WhatsApp does not encrypt all the messages, images, audios, etc Would be fine for the application encriptase all the messages safely. It is also true that, even un-checking the double check blue people are still receiving them when we send an audio or other things, that the privacy in WhatsApp is a disaster.

WhatsApp needs to improve a lot in 2016

privacy Options more clear

No, I’m sick of people cotillee in WhatsApp, why don’t we add some interesting things?

  • A double check blue selective – With possibility to disable it for all, not just for the messages.
  • A time-of-last-connection – With possibility to disable it, that already exists, but with the possibility to hide also the on-line state.

Hide online status in WhatsApp is easy, but is not an option that normally comes, it would be one of the best options to avoid the problems that are generated through WhatsApp. And you, what would you ask for to WhatsApp this christmas?

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