We will have range Xperia X until 2018 and not only on smartphones

Sony Xperia X

we Could say that the Range Xperia Z has died. Obviously, we have a catalog huge of terminals in the market with this letter, but Sony does not plan to launch any more because now has already launched the range Xperia X in its place. And everything indicates, that so it will be until 2018 and not only on smartphones.

As we read in AndroidHdBlog the end of the range Xperia Z is a reality, since without going any further, the Xperia X would have arrived to replace the Sony Xperia Z6. It seems that Sony wants to give it a spin in the company, betting on 3 types of smartphones, with the letter X: Xperia X, XA and Xperia X Performance. Everything indicates that the company is going to focus on the X mark until 2018, then who knows what could happen.

Xperia X pantalla HDR

Xperia X until 2018

All these data confirm that it is likely that the series Xperia X is the pump of the signature until the 2018. This means, that it is expected that with the passage of time we know many terminals of Xperia with the X through 2018, as well as it was going up then with the line Z.

So that we can not scare us yes little by little we are getting to know new handsets from Sony with the letter X, this should be normal. But the great news is that not only have smartphones Sony with X, XA and X Performance in 2016, 2017 and 2018, but would bet that other types of devices away from the smartphones.

Sony wants to go beyond

Talk that Sony wants to go further because it could go deeper in another type of interconnected objects. We shall certainly follow the theme very closely to see what they are able to do. We look forward to this time because for sure they do well and leave us surprised.

In the following video, we can know more and we see Xperia Ear among other devices. This is why I would bet Sony also with its range X, don’t miss it:

Now that the array Z has died, he doesn’t look like it leaves any terminal with this range from here on in, do X. What Do you think of the news?

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