We show you how you can save data with Opera Mini

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Today most of the uses we give to our mobile phones carry a data consumption . Browse Internet consular our social networks, play online , and so on, makes us see how our megs go overboard in less than a rooster crows.

For this reason, today we speak of a browser that will allow us to save a handful of such data when visiting websites at the same time will enjoy a great navigation experience . We talked about Opera Mini , an application that you probably already know and You will wear many of you.

In the following video delve into Opera Mini and all its options and functioning , that will help us both to navigate with ease, as of course consume much less data than our rate compared to other browsers as Google Chrome or Dolphin . Moreover, this in turn will provide a feeling of greater speed loading, so its use is very smooth and pleasant.

Os and leave you with the video, and we invite you to tell us your own experiences in this regard:

What do you think Opera Mini? What browser do you use you?

Google Play | Opera Mini Browser (Free)

And you do you think? Head over’ll show you how you can save data with Opera Mini to make your mark.

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