We need a version 2018 of these three mobile iconic

throughout the history of Android there have been all kinds of mobile phones. Some have made a mark, others have gone unnoticed… But without a doubt, there are three that any geek can forget: we speak of the 3 Android mobile more iconic that, in addition, would like to see in 2018. What do you think are?

What Android mobile iconic we would like to see again?

There are three mobile or by their characteristics, or the bombshell that was his arrival to the market, deserve to be remembered. We speak neither more nor less than Google Nexus 5, HTC M8 and the LG G2. do You remember them?

Google (LG) Nexus 5

A real milestone. Not only for being one of the last Nexus that came to light before he reached the range Pixel, not. Its appearance on the market was a real revolution. It was a high-end, with Android pure to a much more reduced price than the competition of other brands.

while it is true that there was a section for polishing, such as the camera or the battery, almost could not find fault. Was, without doubt, the boom of Google at the time of approaching to the community, since the Nexus 5 was loved by all. Pity that it has not happened again with the Google Pixel.

HTC One M8

recently we talked about the failure of HTC in the last few years. However, his time of glory is still remembered by many of us. And that time came from the hands of the HTC One M8. In the plastic age, the guys at HTC did their best mobile in a rugged aluminum. But not everything is there, much less.

Being the first mobile phone with dual camera and improving a HTC One M7 that I already had almost everything, the M8 was a real bombshell. Prevailed and swept with a Samsung that was beginning to take off with your Galaxy S5, and you have to recognize that we all remember with much affection the mobile by the that the industry left behind the plastic.


And we couldn’t close this list without the mobile more balanced that it has been released never to the market. In fact, none of the current, in its context, you can discuss anything. Was the year round of LG, where it appeared with a mobile phone which is not failing in any section. In fact, the battery of the LG G2 was simply legendary.

And is that you must keep in mind that, in those years, even the high-end were far from being perfect. Until came the LG G2 and taught us how to make a mobile of truth. Pity that they did not know how to be in the height in the following generations.

And you, what mobile do you remember most fondly?