We analyze the LEMFO LEMX, the smartwatch 4G most complete that you can have

a Lot of people say that having a smartwatch is not very interesting by the few possibilities that offer but… what if your smartwatch can do the same to your smartphone? This is what you will have thought of LEMFO, to the design of the LEMX. This smartwatch is a mobile phone, you can do almost the same thing.

Nothing more out of the box we have been impressed by its size but… is it as potent as they say in LEMFO? Is it worth it to a product like this? See below, in the review LEMFO LEMX.

Analysis in Spanish of the LEMFO LEMX

we Know that testing a smartwatch is not an easy task and more when these do not usually need to be adapted for use Android. This, however, for its big screen and a version of Android full, it offers compatibility with all type of applications. In addition, thanks to the power of the same, we can open any thing without you go slow and image quality is really good.

Before proceeding with the analysis best to see what is inside.

Specifications LEMFO LEMX

  • Screen LTPS 2,03 inches and resolution 640 x 590 pixel. It enjoys a very nice reply touch and image quality.
  • Processor MediaTek MT6739 of 4 cores at 1.5 GHz.
  • 1 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage.
  • 8 MP Camera.
  • Battery 900 mAh endure a day of use without problem. The charger is a magnet, just bring the cable and this is placed in the correct position.
  • In terms of connectivity features card nanoSIM to connect to the network 4G (800 MHz band included) but also with WiFi dual-band, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, heart rate sensor, and even a pedometer.
  • mobile Compatible Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher and with iOS 11.1 or higher. To do this you’ll need to use the app WiiWatch 2.

The clock, however, may exercise all its functions without connecting to a smartphone with a 4G SIM in your system of Android 7.1 Nougat. Is available with operating system multilingual, with Spanish and many other languages, such as English, Portuguese, chinese, French, German, Turkish, Korean, etc

in Addition to that, the watch comes water resistance although it is not recommended to use it in the shower or for swimming.


The watch has a dial a tad large, 5.6 cm in diameter and the strap, made of silicone, it is very easy to change, in addition to comfortable. Only weighs 97 grams and in your hand is not uncomfortable, except if you have a small wrist.

Nothing more to see him will call attention to the quality of the screen, and its high brightness (looks good on outside). It is very large, it is even comfortable to write. Thanks to your great sphere, we can to use it for any thing that we pass by the mind (watch Netflix, write, WhatsApps, play games, etc).

we seemed fairly comfortable but yes it is true that the size is quite high compared to other smartwatch. In the picture we can see the difference of the same with the Huawei Watch 2. Is much larger but that also makes them more useable for the tasks that this allows us to make.

Experience of use and autonomy of the LEMFO LEMX

it Is possible that this is what you are interested in this powerful watch with a version of Android 7.1 Nougat, complete with slot for 4G SIM that makes it a smartwatch completely independent. In fact, it seems a good option to dispense with the mobile since it allows you to call, use the GPS, WhatsApp, etc

If 007 could choose, I would have wanted one like this. Of your screen there is no doubt, in fact, in the pictures we can see that do not see pixelated or with lack of quality as in many other smartwatch. We also liked that it has a speaker that puts out a good audio in music, films like in the calls.

We’ve been testing applications such as Google Maps, games, Netflix, etc, In the images we leave you some examples of how it looks. You’ll be able to install any app that requires GPS, Bluetooth, sync, a chest band, anything. When you have a native Android you can even install games to pass the time.

it Is true that some applications are seen with certain edges covered but with a little skill fast we found a way to use them without it being a problem (the clock allows us to use zoom or shrink the screen to see everything). We even have to be made comfortable when writing, to have a larger screen if you’re not a enormous hands you’ll be writing in the same space as you did with the first mobile touch.

The battery is holding up well, and it has the areas to choose

The battery, another of the points that most tend to worry, holds without problem the day. Yes, not more than a day. You’ll have to plug it in every night as the most mobile but you will not have to carry it in your pocket. In addition to that, charge in one hour.

Even includes an application that allows us to customize the background of the spheres, notifications, etc, You’ll be able to use it as a smartwatch + smartphone or link it to your mobile phone as you do with the other and receive notifications in the same, you choose. photo camera do not expect a big thing, but to pass photos by WhatsApp, make video calls, etc, meets and passes with note.

is it worth the LEMFO LEMX?

Since then. Few times we had enjoyed with a smartwatch as the LEMFO LEMX. This allows us to do anything we imagine and the price is not too high, just 130 euros in the store TomTop (bid).

we can Not highlight any negative aspect of the watch. The only downside is that it a little big for some people but to us we felt really comfortable and usable. There are more on the market that allow you to do everything but with very small screens do not allow us to enjoy of an Android on the wrist as this.

If you want to see more deals of the store TomTop, here you to the left. Remember that it is one of those chinese shops that you trust and that gives warranty on its products.