We analyze the best and worst of the Nexus 6

lo mejor y lo peor del Nexus 6

After almost a year with the Nexus 6, it is important to tell you that it is the best and the worst of the Nexus 6 on the basis of my experience. It is clear that there are a lot of good things, but also some bad that although in many occasions usually do not come to light it is important that we keep in mind. We started with what best and worst of this Nexus 6, Google:

the best and The worst of the Nexus 6

  • Updates (the best): without a doubt the best of the Nexus 6, Google are updates. Yes it is true that you do not have much sense that we always come to us later that the users of Nexus 5, but one of the strong points of this terminal is that we will live up to date, at least for one more year in the official updates. A wonder to be able to enjoy Marshmallow already, you already, we’ve had our experience.

Descubre lo mejor y lo peor del Nexus 6

  • Power (incredible): in power the Nexus 6 doesn’t disappoint and it never has. We will be able to run all of the applications and games we want, because we have plenty of power to do so. It is without doubt one of the best tricks.
  • Camera (regular): we will not have good photos with the Nexus 6. Yes it is true that these guys in the open is not what they have done wrong, and the quality is not all bad, but we will not take stunning photos or a lot less. The best thing of the camera is its appearance, but we will not take great photos, rather normal, but acceptable.
  • Battery (acceptable): we will not have a battery to throw rockets, but the battery of the Nexus 6 up for the day especially with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. We will have a battery acceptable, but as with all Nexus is not one of its strong points.
  • Overheating (problem): the overheating in the Nexus 6 is an issue that Marshmallow had been commissioned to correct. The terminal heats up a lot, especially if what we are charging with the charger, quick charge, and we get to use the phone while, and especially if we play. But now it heats up less, and works best without a doubt the terminal.
  • Size (different): the size of the Nexus 6 is great for users looking for a terminal large to enjoy the best multimedia contents. We have it all on this big screen. Without a doubt, is one of the best things about the Nexus 6, the size of the screen so long as the width allows us to enjoy the best of everything.
  • load Time (of the best): without doubt, the charging time is the best thing in this Nexus 6. Loads very fast, in little more than an hour. In addition, if we charge it for a while will allow us to enjoy a couple of hours of battery life.

A Nexus 6 with virtually all good

it Is clear, that based on my experience of almost a year we have a lot of good things and bad things of the Nexus 6, but especially good. We are in a mobile of guarantees, for a couple of years and that will allow us to enjoy always of the best and live up to date, two very important issues.

The only downside for many users it can be (photo, since that sometimes leaves a lot to be desired if you compare it with terminals of a quality slr camera as the iPhone 6s. Even so, complies with what promises to. In addition, we can already buy the Nexus 6 at a good price, so that we don’t have an excuse to make the jump.

What is for you the best and the worst of the Nexus 6? I Hope you tell us about it in the comments.

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