WC Games, because you too are those who go with the mobile or tablet to the bathroom

WC Games en Nexus 6

Who has not ever gone to the bathroom with his smartphone or with your tablet? It is something very normal today. And so was born WC Games an app Danone which includes three fun games such as casual classics, and we come from pearls to those times we spent in the bathroom ( some longer than others). Of course, to get bored in the bathroom is because he wants …

WC Games is available at no cost on Google Play , and of course, can also play all three games without spending one euro cent. But we know and everything that gives us the application.

Snake, Blocks and Connect, nostalgia comes to your bathroom

The WC Games includes games that will surely be well known by most of you. How to forget the legendary Snake, Breakout or Arkanoid fun, or puzzle games in which connect objects enter yes . That is what is proposed Games WC and in one application!


In Snake, we will feed our beloved snake with everything that comes its way , to make more and longer, which can become a major problem arrived at extent. Depend on our ability to stay alive, which is increasingly complicated as we go, because at each new level will increase the speed, and also appear obstacles .


In Blocks, our mission will be break the blocks by bouncing the ball off with his rod which in this case will be one of Danone Activia yoghurt, although there will be complications along the way, and according capsules we get, we advantages as a longer bar or even to shoot the blocks, but we can also meet disadvantages as the smallest bar, or a boost to the ball that will go much faster.


Finally, we Connect interconnect fruits are alike until the entire board , and though it may be simple so that we will have to be careful not to cross the lines and made other They will or will break. Of course, difficulty also will increase as we move forward in the game , so every time we go to the bathroom, can live a new challenge!

Snake, Blocks y Connect, los juegos que incluye WC Games

Download and WC Games!

As I mentioned, WC Games is a free application, and can be found in Google Play through the link below that I leave. We recommend that probéis, and yes, id to the bathroom always accompanied by your smartphone or tablet!

Google Play | WC Games

And you do you think? Head over WC Games, because you too are those who go with the mobile or tablet to the bathroom to make your mark.

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