Waze, the GPS navigation app now notifies you of the duration of jams


It is finished go to the city guide or watching a huge map that you never know how close, because thanks to new technologies found great solutions to move through unknown places, like Waze application beside the new TomTom Go and accurate notifications of Google Now on all kinds of information, sites and other aspects necessary for the driver.

If Waze did not have enough potential from MovilZona read this, now know the times or rather duration jams near our position , because this way you yourself can choose to take another route to avoid it, because as usual in big cities at rush hour if you take a jam, you can laze too closed time and this new option can avoid.

Waze traffic

This will show us with a bar on the navigation screen, then a signal will indicate the duration of the jam. Obviously it is not one hundred percent accurate, but real evidence has been observed high accuracy and is a really positive experience.

On the other hand, the search are also improved in 85% better , besides the speed of obtaining the same results.

In addition, this latest update lets you add all kinds of personal information, the application itself generate a synchronization , as in the case of using the application on another terminal or tablet, this will bring us with all our use and data.

remains free and one of the best, if not the best choice in terms of GPS navigation.

Google Play | Waze (Free)

And you do you think? Head over Waze, the app GPS navigation now notifies you of the duration of jams to leave your mark.

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