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Google knew what it was doing when it bought Waze. According to some experts, Waze for the iPhone, you will predict the future soon, a newness that is not part of the superstition, if not used by the cold mathematics to know in advance what will happen on the road and how it will affect on our itinerary. In addition of course to save fuel.

Waze for iPhone predict the future, without ball of the future or anything

Waze is one of the best GPS applications that we can find in the online stores. It is so good that some even claim that you will predict the future, because the events that occur in a road, such as traffic jams, they are quite predictable if we have the statistics to hand. Waze collects all of these data to predict what’s going to happen on our journey, and gives us the best option on that basis.

new update of Waze for iPhone, and we hope very soon to our beloved Android, shows that this app can virtually predict the future. Not since after the lottery, but of the journey that we take every day to go to work or to home, as the roads tend to usually maintain the same density of traffic as a function of time and the day.

Waze handles, thanks to its huge community, a vast catalogue of data, we may, among other things, to arrive at our destination sooner. Using the trends of traffic, Waze the projected on our route in progress and calculate what might occur, saving us fuel and making more efficient the route.

An algorithm incredibly powerful

The algorithm that it uses is incredibly powerful. So much so that some even claim that it is able to to know what will happen each day on the roads without sweat. The routes may not be more efficient and usually faster, except that an accident or some other type of tragedy.

The truth is that is a last thing that makes Waze, I hope it arrives very soon for Android, so we will save all fuel each day and will arrive much faster to where we want to reach. For the moment, you can download it and test it on your android green while you wait for them to arrive these functionalities:

Download | Waze for Android in the Google Play

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