Warranty in case of Milanuncios: what products you can use and how to process a case?

¿ever happened to You that you buy something and when you come home unfortunately it stops working? Quiet, you’re not the only one. Luckily, the Warranty just in case of Milanuncios has come to get rid of these evils. Then we’ll tell you which products you can use and how to process a case.

When you see all the information about the new warranty Milanuncios, you’ll be able to know to know how is its operation. Reads with attention to clearances all your doubts.

All about the Warranty just in case of Milanuncios


This warranty search protect your products to a malfunction that could not have been detected at the time of the purchase. Yes, there are certain conditions that you must keep in mind because not all products and services are protected by warranty.

in Addition, only is valid for purchases made between 27 February and 31 may. The coverage is limited to three cases by the seller and the buyer.

The service only covers objects electromechanical. That is to say, it is not available in the following categorías:

  • Motor
  • Inmobiliaria
  • Empleo
  • Formación
  • Servicios
  • Negocios
  • Mascotas

it Is necessary to emphasize that you only have 15 days to verify that there is no fault in the product. The warranty just in case you include 100% of the cost of the repair or a refund you 75% of what you paid (up to 700 euros).

The service will not be responsible for material damage caused by impacts subsequent to the delivery, loading and unloading, or mounting and dismounting. Nor failures associated with the software or misuse of the product after the purchase.

below you will learn several examples you can use the Warranty just in case:

mi band 3 apps

  • you went Out for the first time with your electric bike, type the HIMO C20, and can’t do well with the changes.
  • you Bought a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and does not connect with the app on the mobile.
  • you have Purchased a smart tv, came home and it didn’t work when I did plug it in.
  • Your watch is waterproof stopped working with the first bath.
  • The fridge you bought is not properly cooled.

All this type of problems are covered by the Warranty in case of Milanuncios. You must be pending at the time of purchase to avoid bad times. If you noticed that the product you don’t like it after you buy it, you’ll have to settle for because in this case the warranty is not applied.

Follow these steps if you want to use the warranty:

  • First make sure you meet all the conditions listed above.
  • Enters the page of the Warranty just in case and fill in the requested information.
  • please Contact the department of safeguards and explains in detail everything that has happened after your purchase.
  • Milanuncios will assess your case and, depending on that, you will repair the object or you get the money back.

For more information, check out the legal terms of service.

And you, what do you think the Warranty just in case?

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