Voicer, the application that converts audios from WhatsApp in texts

I have a friend who instead of sending audio, on many occasions, writing with the dictation of Google and what it does is talk to the phone but sending text. This is great because the other user you can read instead of having to listen to.

Now, what happens with voice notes you can’t hear and want to do it? is Not always appropriate to listen to a voice memo in the mobile and for that, we have a number of tricks. The first, already since a long time ago, is to listen to voice notes through the speaker of the calls and not the external speaker, something that will give you a lot of privacy. If you don’t know how it’s done here, you explain it.

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Voicer, the new solution that will surprise you

Now, as we have seen in Reddit, a user has found a solution for this and it is your own application, Voicer.

Voicer what it does is translate the voice notes of WhatsApp written text and in addition to be very accurate has 50 different languages, among which are the Spanish. Yes, and as you hear it, Voicer can translate your voice notes in WhatsApp to written text and allow you to read them instead of listen to them.

How does Voicer? What witchcraft is this?

The operation of the Voicer is much more simple than you think, you will certainly be very useful for you.

  • you Receive a voice note through WhatsApp, as always happens.
  • Before you making the next step, opens Voicer and set the language you want or you’re going to interpret.
  • With Voicer installed through Google Play, completely free, you’re going to the voice note on WhatsApp and you click on Share with Voicer.
  • once you do Voicer for WhatsApp will show you the note of voice in written text rather than audio.

it Is that simple, Voicer you can remove more of a hurry and allow you to listen to the audio files but not put the speaker in the ear but in written text. Obviously, the operation of the Voicer, much depends on the clarity of the voice and the interpretation of the message, but if the language is official and is well-spoken Voicer offers some impressive results thanks to its voice recognition.

Voicer for WhatsApp (Free+, Google Play) →

you’re Already taking in show this app to all your friends, remember that you can share this article easily via WhatsApp or Facebook using the buttons above, as simple as that.

What we don’t understand is why it only works with WhatsApp, almost all apps have audio and Voicer should work without problems with Telegram, LINE, Messenger… we Expect the developer to make another app for these cases.

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