Vodafone One gives you a Google Home for a limited time

little by little the interesting Google Home are getting into our routine asking for permission. That is why it is not strange that this kind of products are appearing in different types of deals that they throw the operators of mobile telephony. One of the first in Spain to do so is Vodafone with your service One, which started to include the Google Home in a variety of packages.

Vodafone, the best friend of Google Home

If you were thinking of to acquire a Google Home or a Google Home Mini, well, you should take a look at these offers. And is that on all packages of Vodafone One will offer these two products with different promotions, which will be valid until September 30.

As you can see in the image that we’ve put in this article, the Home Mini is not a cost to the plan One L and is available with a funding of€ 1 per month. The normal price the same is 2€ per month for 24 months if it is not, you can apply to the offer, of course.

on the other hand, the Google Home normal is available for a price of 3 € per month for 24 months with One L, and 4 € per month with other plans. It should be noted that the two models of the speaker from Google can be purchased no permanence for 129 € (Mini) and 49 € (Home) from the day of tomorrow. The price is quite a bit lower compared to the price to get out of Vodafone.

What are the Google Home?

Google Home are small speakers smart that has a built-in wizard with which the user can ask different things to get answers in real time. The questions that you may have are several, but the most popular are: how are you going to be the time? Or, What are the most important news? to name just a few.

in Addition, you may be asked to perform a series of actions, such as, for example: play a specific song and others. You could say that it is a species of Amazon Echo, but with some differences.

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