Vodafone, Movistar, Orange o Yoigo: What has a better coverage in Spain?

years Ago it was difficult for an operator to offer a coverage absolute. In full 2016 this coverage still does not exist, but yes it is true that the differences in coverage between the different companies has waned to points in the that you will barely notice the difference.

a few years Ago, an operator of the low cost, I always had the worst coverage but now things have changed. There are many operators in Spain but only 4 with proper coverage in all of Spain. Vodafone, Movistar, Orange o Yoigo, what offers the best coverage in Spain before the end of 2016?


Vodafone, the leader in data and calls

despite the fact that the data are very good for the four companies, the analysis of the company’s P3 Connect has determined that Vodafone offers a better performance in front of Movistar, followed by Orange and Yoigo for the queue.

P3 Connect is a company that has created a report traveling more than 11,000 miles in the car to know what is the actual coverage of the different companies in Spain. Prove the coverage and the fluctuation in the speed of downloading data. The best thing is that all the companies have improved with regard to 2015.

All the companies have improved with regard to 2015

In the analysis Vodafone has won in the quality of data and voice, Yoigo also has shown to be the most shy in the results. Yes, in populations of less than 100,000 inhabitants, Movistar has shown more quality in the calls.

Now, Vodafone offers a better performance in data above the competition, even on roads where the coverage tends to be worse. The results are very positive but that does not mean that companies should not keep working for offer the best coverage to their customers.

Vodafone highlights and Movistar and Orange are very couples

despite the criticism suffered to Orange a few years ago, currently offers a call quality similar to Movistar (since that offers the same coverage for calls). In terms of Yoigo remains well below the competition and even though your coverage is sufficient is not the best by far.

The scores are simple and easy to summarize:

  • Vodafone 865 points: 521 for data and 344 for calls. The maximum score for the data would be 600 and to the calls of 400, none has managed to reach this score.
  • Movistar 836 points: 511 for data and 325 for calls.
  • Orange 822 points: 497 for data, and 325 for calls.
  • Yoigo, 631 points: 391 for data and 240 for calls.

In the video you can see a very good summary of the current situation in Spain. The reality is that the operators continue to improve and the coverage is expected to go on increasing, the 5G will come soon but what is certain is that it is not a technology that is going to give very good result in an analysis of this type.

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