Video: this is how it works the amazing smartphone flexible Xiaomi

xiaomi-bendable-phone-2Xiaomi is the brand able to launch two smartphones mid-range with almost identical features in the same month, at the same time that you surprised at all by featuring not one, but two of the best top of range of the year as My 5s, and My 5s Plus. If this were not enough, everything seems to indicate that now, Xiaomi wants to bring forward the future of technology, and since seems to be experimenting with devices that are completely flexible.

And it is that, as you recall, yesterday we were able to see some first images of what appeared to be a terminal folding of the chinese firm, but today, thanks to a video that we see on Android Headlines, we look at this amazing device to be fully functional, running, even, MIUI 8 as the operating system, and opening and closing applications without any major problem.

The smartphone flexible Xiaomi, video

Although yesterday, in the beginning, the images might seem rather renders not real, and we took this information with some skepticism, today, this video has come to leave us with the mouth open and show us that smartphones are completely flexible, could be closer than we imagined, although Samsung claims that the market is not yet ready for it.

In the video, we can observe how this device is capable of running different applications and even games like Clash Royale without, apparently, any kind of problem or lag. Also, we can see, some of the most important features of a smartphone as it can be the Internet connection, it is also usable without a problem.

Be that as it may, we are confident that smartphones folding, collapsible, or flexible, they are not going to be a normal short-term, especially taking into account the high costs of production. Even so, there is no doubt that we will continue knowing news on this possible device from Xiaomi in the coming weeks.

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