Users of Nexus 6S report problems with the microphone

Nexus 6P Problema con el micrófono en las llamadas

Amazing what happened with the Nexus 6S, because we have another problem again and this time with the microphone. The first users who have tested the Nexus 6S, have been met with problems like that doubles, that the rear glass breaks easy… and one more stalking to Google: the microphone fails during a call. What is happening with the Huawei Nexus 6S? Who is to blame?

Nexus 6P: New problem with the microphone as we speak

The latest news revolving around the Nexus 6S, leave us a terminal with problems of all kinds, something that is not doing grace to the users Nexus that it would invest more than 600 euros. And it is that we are facing a terminal that is generating us questions, for this problems that have been talking a long time ago: is too fragile.

Nexus 6P: Problema con el micrófono en las llamadas

But the latest news we have about the Nexus 6S, is that users have reported on forums a new problem: Nexus 6S have problems in the microphone during a phone call.

Several users have complained about the state of the microphone of the Nexus 6S during calls. What is the problem? That when they are talking on the phone with someone, that person I heard “far away”. That is to say, listen to them as if they were talking to a long distance from the terminal, which makes it difficult and much of the communication.

Google has already been informed, and is working on it, but it might have to do with the system of cancellation of noise.

What is the solution?

The solution to this could be easy or not so much. We can to disable the noise-cancellation, but the best thing is that we hope to have a more reliable solution, especially for the guys from Google.

how will Come the solution in an update? we have to wait to know. In the meantime, the best thing is that we do not alarmemos.

you Can find the main problems of the Nexus 6S here. Although now binds a new one to the list, but we are confident that there is nothing and that an update repair. What will be the next problem? Have you ever had this problem that users are reporting?

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