Use the application of Google Cardboard in the Gear VR

Usar cardboard en Gear VR

Yes, there were rumors that Andy was gone, but as you can see is alive and coupled to the Gear VR from Samsung. On this occasion Andy comes to talk to you about something very interesting, how to use apps for Google CardBoard in the Gear VR from Samsung.

One of the things I notice all the ones who use the Gear VR from Samsung is that there is little content and what’s worse is that the content is good the payment. For the Google Cardboard there is a lot of content in Google Play, and the truth is that there are free apps which are quite good but the Gear VR does not come intended for use as a Google Cardboard although there is a form of use Google apps without root.

Cardboard Enabler for Gear VR

How to use the application of Google Cardboard in the Gear VR?

The Gear VR of Samsung working on the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge +, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. For the applications of Google Cardboard to work there is only that install an app.

it Is necessary not to be root and that the protection of Samsung KNOX is working properly, this will allow the application CB Enable for Gear VR to convert the Gear VR in some Google Cardboard with just the push of a button.

WP-Appbox: CB Enabler for Gear VR (0,73 $, Google Play) →

How the application works? once installed you will have to click on the icon that you want to have (the Gear VR or the Google Cardboard), so, always, once you click you will be ready to operate in one and the other platform. It is also possible to use the Gear VR like Google Cardboard if you do not connect the USB but the experience is not optimal.

one of the things that allows us disable “Motion Blur” that we are going to make you feel dizzy a little in the Gear VR apps Google Cardboard, it is advisable to turn it off for a good experience. The application is not free, it costs 0.77 euros, less than a simple coffee and easy to get on with Google Opinion Rewards in a couple of surveys.

The application, however, is of payment and in addition you need to access the device Manager since its function is to stop the service of the Gear VR from Oculus to be able to function as a simple Google Cardboard and even use the buttons on the glasses as a control in some applications.

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