Unboxing and first impressions of the Xiaomi Mi6

Today we bring you something different. Waiting for the review of the Xiaomi Mi6 (which we already have as you may have seen on Facebook) that this time will be released also in the channel with a video, we’re going to add the unboxing and first impressions of the terminal.

On this occasion, we do so in a format that you are not used, a video format that does not come from our channel but since the channel Newdroy. For those who do not know, the channel Newdroy is run by Peter, a huge fan of the world of Android and the phone that surely many may know.

What can we highlight the Unboxing and the first impressions?

Because the truth is that we have opened as many mobile Xiaomi in our offices and this Xiaomi Mi6 is no different. The terminal arrives in a cardboard box-plastic white in color that it will very common.

there’s Not much in the interior as a charger, a small sheet of instructions in chinese, the USB cable Type-C and the mobile along with the famous clip to extract the SIM tray. What yes stands out and shines by itself is the mobile.

Xiaomi Mi6, a feeling of stunning quality

When you cojes the terminal in your hand you realize that Xiaomi has done something that seems very fragile but at the same time is really strong. Just look at the resistance test Jerry to check that finally the mobile itself is hard as people expect, and not a mobile that bends easy.

Is of such quality, the material used to cover the terminal that looks like plastic but actually it is a kind of mixture of glass very well polished along with some metal edges that give a great robustness to the terminal. What is true is that it reminds a lot to the design of the Galaxy S8 in terms of construction and not in the way where the 4 corners are curved but the front is much more flat, not having the screen curved.

look forward to the review of Peter which will be posted on our YouTube channel Androidphoria and couple to it we will have the classic review written that I like. The time has come to try new things and we’re looking forward to what ye shall do with us. what Os it looks good the Xiaomi Mi6? If the terminal I like to have a discount coupon exclusive to you.

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