UBER copy to Cabify to return to Spain


services such as UBER or Cabify are wonderful, because they allow us to get quickly to the sites in a way “different” and for less money than a taxi conventional. However, these services seem the same, at the beginning were not so, then to that UBER was branded illegal in Spain and you had to make the bags. But today, the guys of UBER have announced that they return to Spain and that they have everything in rule to stay. will Have been copied to Cabify? What we analyze.

UBER is already legal in Spain

The guys at UBER are back in Spain, but now with all the papers in rule. UBER already has all permissions that you need to deal with in Spain and with all drivers registered as self-employed, for everything to be done in rule. But this is not all, because the vehicles of UBER have license VTC (vehicle of transport with driver). Then you will realize why this is so.

uber copia cabify What we have to do to use UBER?

  • Open UBER > to book the car.

UBER not we will be able to pick up street as taxis, but we will have to contact in advance through the app, to reserve a place in the car. Is a different license to the taxi drivers, who can take customers on the street, but for UBER all you will need to upload through the app. More comfortable for some and less for others.

What do I need to be a driver of UBER?

If looking for work and you like driving, this may interest you. This is what you need to work for UBER:

  • driving licence BTP (which no longer exists, so we only need the B).
  • High as self-employed (or contracted by the company itself).
  • valid Address.
  • Certificate of no criminal record.

Not asking too much, but if you have to make your self if it might seem a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry though that gets used to everything-one. What is certain is that it has a very good pint. Will have to see what prices we have now that everything is done more by legal, because it has not be cheap. Yes we expect a slight difference with the taxis, but not much more.

This time it seems that everything is a rule and that UBER has come to stay. Both UBER as Cabify are two great companies that offer good services. And for many, are much more comfortable than a taxi conventional, because open the app and reserve a car in seconds has no waste.

This does not end here
  • UberMOTO
  • UberEATS

What do you think of the return of UBER in Spain? Do you think that this time they will stay in or return problems? Seems to be all in order, because Cabify has not gone through these problems, and the strategy is similar.

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