Two chinese were killed while trying to take a mobile toilet

Dos chinos murieron al intentar sacar un móvil del váter

Amazing what has happened to these two chinese (man and woman) members of the same family. What actually happened, is that a mobile I dropped by the toilet, so they decided to move heaven and earth to get it back (it was a mobile phone newly bought as highlighted in the media). This is what happened:

Die when trying to retrieve a mobile

Something anecdotal that seemed harmless ended up becoming a tragedy, because the result went two deaths and four people bad after having put in a septic tank. Do you target? Rescue the smartphone, which had fallen by the drain of the toilet. And we are talking about a mobile of 2,000 yuan (about 240 euros the change).

dos chinos mueren movil cae por el vater

it Was clear that the goal was to recover the mobile at all costs, because you never think that something bad will happen, because it is normal, if you drop the mobile to the toilet to try and retrieve it.

worst of all, is that one of the men went down to the septic tank, which you accessed through a trapdoor. When you do this, lost the knowledge asphyxiated by the toxic gases and died. And his mother, who came after him to save him, also passed out and subsequently died.

The following in enter were the young (the owner of the mobile phone) and his father-in-law, who came after, followed by two neighbors who wanted to help. In a few minutes, they began to feel ill. Other neighbors had that help them out of the pit with ropes.

Amazing what happened, which ended with a tragic story of two deaths. The owner of the mobile and his father-in-law, were saved. She still has not regained consciousness, and his father-in-law and the neighbors ended up being cared for by health personnel.

What we don’t know, is if you recovered the mobile phone…

helps Us to be aware

This story is old, but it certainly helps us awareness that we must not do never. We’ll leave you the way if you need more data.

What would you have done in your situation?

Via | Toluca News

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