Tutorial: Change the APN in Android

Cambiar APN en Android

it’s possible that you’ve heard of APN and however, you do not know exactly what it is or how to configure it. If so, don’t worry, because we are going to tell how to change the APN in Android. A tutorial quick and easy for you to learn to set it up in a few minutes.

APN is the name of the access point (Access Point Name). Normally, you do not need to configure it because the terminals come with the APN’s defined series. But it is not true for all cases. In the event that is your case, you will need to enter the APN by hand. Some companies may send all the data about the configuration for an SMS if you give them a call, it is also not a bad idea especially if you’re a little lost on these issues.

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to Change the APN in Android

Change APN Android you do not have to be as complicated as its name indicates. Since a priori, it is normal that not sound like anything. It is not something that you would normally use every day. But don’t worry, because you can see that we define it is simple.

With the APN we will be defining the name of the access point, the username and password from the mobile operator to set up the Internet access / data. Each company has their own. You can know by calling or through their website.

Steps to configure APN on Android

  • Grab your terminal and go to Settings > More > mobile Networks > APN.

If you have a carrier large, it should show up already configured and ready to use. In the previous screenshot we can see that it is Movistar configured. If we click on, we will be able to see all the information regarding the access point.

To add an APN will have to click the button of “+” the top (edit access point). We will go by manually entering the fields. When you are all, we save and because we can connect. If all has gone well, you now have data with that carrier.

Data of the main operators


  • Name: Movistar
  • APN: phone.is
  • user Name: telefonica
  • Password: telefonica
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 07


  • Name: airtelwap.is
  • APN: airtelwap.is
  • user Name: [email protected]
  • Password: wap125
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 01


  • Name: Orangeworld 3G
  • APN: Orangeworld
  • user Name: Orange
  • Password: Orange
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 01


  • Name: Yoigo
  • APN: Internet
  • MCC: 214
  • MNC: 03

Depending on the operator, you have to find. “APN + (the operator)” for example. If you can’t find anything on the network (trusted), calls to customer service free of charge.

Like you are interested take a look at these articles on how to set up APN in Colombia and how to correctly configure the APN of Spain. You will come well to become an expert in the field and be able to configure all the APN without any problems.

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