Trick to hide any file in Android without using third-party applications

there Are many images, videos and audio files that we store in our smartphone and we don’t want anyone to see. For privacy reasons, it is sometimes necessary to hide certain files and folders in our mobile phones to prevent our friends or family to see.

If you’re using an app to hide files on Android, your friends will see it and know that hidden something. Luckily, you do not need to install anything new on your mobile, since there is a trick to hide files and folders in Android, using the file manager. Below, we present such a trick.

step-by-Step to hide files on Android

Cómo ocultar carpetas en Android

  • Opens the manager or file explorer of your mobile phone.
  • Creates a new folder and add in it all the files (photos, videos, music, etc) that you want to hide. If the folder already exists that you want to hide, omit this step.
  • Select the folder to hide, tap the icon (three vertical dots and choose the option Change name.
  • Before the name of the folder, write “.dot” (without the quotation marks). Press Ok.
  • Tap again on the icon of three vertical dots, and now choose the option Update.

that way, the folder will be hidden and even the apps will be able to find the files located within the same. Actualizar gestor de archivos para ocultar carpetasRemember that not all file managers are equal. Therefore, the steps displayed above may be somewhat different in your mobile.

How to view a hidden folder in Android

Mostrar carpetas ocultas en Android

  • In the file manager, go to settings (the three vertical dots).
  • Select the option Show hidden folders.

So you will see all folders you have hidden. If you no longer want to hide a folder, it deletes the prefix “.dot” the name of the folder and ready.

do Not forget that you can always use a trusted application, such as GalleryVault, to hide all the files you want in your Android device in a more comfortable manner.

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