Top 5 gadgets to gift on Valentine’s day

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Valentine’s day is about you, your girlfriend believes that you already have the gift and still have not bought anything. It is more, still don’t know what you’re going to buy. If you want to give a good gadget, we have made a small list of 5 gadgets that you could give to your girlfriend geeks. You should know that they are gadgets for lovers of the technology, to the girls who do not like this type of gift may be best to opt for a classic flowers but if you want to make a useful gift is appropriate for this guide.

The best gadgets to gift your girl on Valentine’s day

There are many things that you could give to your girl on Valentine’s day, we’ve chosen 5 of the most economical and that we have found to be appropriate to the time useful to give away. We hope that some of them will be of your liking, what face is going to be your girl (always and when you do not want you to give her costume jewellery exclusively).

external Battery pack for girl

Bateria portatil rosaIf you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to give something useful and of truth, you can opt for an external battery for your girl. This in particular is pink, has more than 3000 mAh (enough to charge on the majority of devices on the market) and also has a handy flashlight for situations where there is little light. It is a good gadget that does not impede too much on the bag. It costs about 17 euro.

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A portable speaker-water-resistant

Altavoz sumergibleIf you want to stretch it to the 25 € and give away something for your partner to enjoy the music in their showers preferred (or taking a shower with you) you can give the gift of a speaker’s submersible. It is useful for all kinds of situations and they work very well, is fun to listen to music while you shower, it may be the last rock song or a music amenizante while you take a nice bath without the danger of you spoiling the mobile.

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A good stick selfie

Palo selfie chicaIf you’re fed up that you break the stick selfie and you like this type of photo can give away a stick selfie of the color you want (doesn’t have to be pink). That yes, remember not to put yourself in dangerous sites already that is dying, a lot of people by taking selfies dangerous. This of acceptable quality cost about 11 euro.

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Some virtual reality goggles

Gafas realidad virtualIf you want to start your partner in virtual reality, you can opt to give him some glasses like these that do not exceed 15 euro. It’s fun because you can enjoy all the content that Android offers to virtual reality. Can fit mobile phones up to 5.5 inches. There are many on Amazon, looking for the ideal for your mobile. This is an accessory for most geeks, but this is nothing bad, it can be fun.

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headset bluetooth

Auriculares bluetoothSo if your partner is a lover of sport or not a bluetooth headset like these around the price of 19 euros (on offer) are going to be very useful. Can be used in all circumstances. Life looks better with music and this can be a great invention to carry it to all parts in an easy way, forget about the cables through the jacket, or to disturb all the world to listen to the mobile phone through the speaker.

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If you need more tips or have questions about what to give to your partner on Valentine’s day we can help you in the comments, we don’t want that you run out of ideas and only a few days until the moment arrives, you match it with your choice or you are lost.

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