To a couple’s stolen furniture by uploading them to Facebook

A una pareja le roban los muebles por subirlos a Facebook

¡To a couple’s stolen furniture by uploading them to Facebook! Social networks could become your worst nightmare if you do something that you should not, although many users still are not aware as the girl who lost 500 euros per taken a selfie with the winning ticket in Facebook. But this does not end here, because a couple stole the furniture for the fault of Facebook, how could he pass this up? You have:

stolen furniture by uploading them to Facebook

Becky Szenk and Mark Higging are an american couple about the full move took a bad decision: hang in Facebook the photos of the furniture and the data on the day that they would do the move. What they wanted was to share the illusion of the moment with their friends, because it is always an important step that you like to share with those closest to him.

Pareja le roban los muebles por subirlos a FacebookBut Szenk and Higging took a bad decision by doing this innocently, because the hang up the pictures of the furniture and all the data on the day of the move as the date on which it would be, a user who had to read it through Facebook decided to appear there with a moving truck to take it all away.

What happened was the following: 2 hours prior to the time expected there was a transport truck in the direction indicated, something that you were not given importance because it can pass. But the truck was not what they expected, but they were few criminals who wanted to steal the furniture that they had hung on Facebook.

At first they did not realize, because it’s all simulated normal, a moving truck and carriers that put the furniture in the truck. When they finished the move, they were, and the couple remained in the home and have a good time finishing off leaving everything clean and waiting for you to deliver the keys. The big surprise was when it came to the actual moving truck, about 45 minutes after.

Another example of what not to do

of course the pair has denounced what happened to the local authorities. Is theft in every rule. And all for sharing all the information innocently on Facebook, something you must never do because you never know who is going to read and how you are going to act on it.

For now, still have not been able to retrieve their furniture.

What do you think will happen with this couple? How to retrieve your furniture? A piece of news a bit sad no doubt, but that it makes us aware of what we must never do under any circumstances.

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