Tips to buy safely Online

Comprar online seguro

Buy Online safely is very easy, it is also easy to shop from your mobile safely, but use of common sense is basic to achieve to obtain a certain security in all purchases you make on the web.

Especially when there are periods of a lot of sales via the Internet increases the risk of to be scammed when you purchase online although it the majority of the scams can be avoided without major problems. You have to be very careful about everything now coming sales periods and extreme shopping flash for which requires a certain speed such as sales, cybermonday or black friday. Pay attention, we want you to buy securely over the Internet.

5 tips to buy safely

There are a few tips that you will rarely be confused when buying on the Internet, if you use them all well would be very strange that you failed your order, or get ripped. Pay attention to all of them, especially if you’re not used to buy Online.

Certificado HTTPS compra segura

1. Pay attention to the web shopping

it Is very important to make sure that shopping on a secure web page. In the first place, look at the url (the address of the web page), you should start with the letters “https: / /”, you can even to check the validity of the certificate giving the padlock in the address bar.

The certificate must be active and in the name of the website that you are visiting. It is one of the best ways to make sure that you are making a safe purchase. There are websites safe who do not use the HTTPS certificate while you will not logueas, only in the payment gateway and through the use of your account, but in that case, if you don’t know the web, it is best to make sure on the Internet that is reliable looking for opinions on it, if you see many results in terms of scam, hoax or scam start to worry.

We are also very used to buying on the Internet for what if you beat down in the comments the url of the store we can indicate if this is safe.

2. Use a password safe

To buy on the Internet, normally, we’re going to have to create accounts in all the stores in few we met in the network, and the access to these accounts is normally done with a password and a user.

The user is something easy to guess, very easy, but the password must be the totally opposite. Some users use passwords very simple, but what recommended is to use long passwords, combining numbers, letters and special characters to reduce the chances of a hacker to guess the key.

Loguearse seguro

you Can to establish a pattern with a termination special (@.,-4516, for example) and then use an identifier for each website that you go to register, and thus remember easiest way for the password, it is the smartest decision. It is best not to use the same password for multiple websites, you can do it, but it is more likely the opposite. In addition to using methods of double logging if it is possible with the use of a mobile phone and the use of messages to verify that the user is the usual, but not all shops have this service whenever there are more that incorporate the option and it is more safe that we can use. Amazon offers two-step verification.

3. Controls the data of your credit card

One of the advice that I give to users is use a credit card specific to use online. Is more, if you have the possibility of having a second account to shop online even better, it is one of the most secure methods to buy it without errors and to avoid scams.

Use a single card to buy online allows you to monitor your transactions without any major problems and you can even use the notifications of the bank by SMS or by e-mail (usually these are free) to have information on every transaction and in case of receiving a suspicious charge, you can cancel the order at the time, you block the credit card and send you a new one. If this has happened is that your data have been filtered in some way, it might be a good time to change passwords.

Tarjetas de crédito

4. Do not enter your payment data to the light

despite the fact having properly protected, to have secured your account, be careful with your credit card, never enter your data to the light in windows or suspicious pop-ups, do not send your data by e-mail or anything like that.

Be careful, especially when it jumps to the payment gateway (on many sites is not the website itself, and there is an integrated system of payment) and make sure that the domain is the one that you are visiting, or the payment is going to make the website in question. If you see before .com indications that you are not in the original domain then you can be on a malicious website. Be careful and be manufacturer with this as some forms of phishing such as tabnabbing consists exactly in this, in change your window without you account and make you enter your payment details on websites that are not genuine.

5. Ensures the device and the network in which shopping online

Although antivirus may not be necessary is never over software security that allows you to analyze the device from which you are going to buy or perform some other analysis from time to time so that no weirdo robbing data on your smartphone or on your PC.

If you are going to buy from the mobile or from a tablet a security application that also helps to protect your transactions, and control the permissions of the applications you use is never over. If purchasing from a web browser it is best to using a browser known and installed from Google Play like Google Chrome, for example, by being one of the most reliable.

Be careful with the network to which you connect to buy

does Not usually use the public wifi or the wifi at places that I don’t know. Now, if for example I am on a wifi in which I suspect that you can filter information (you must be very cautious, and distrustful with this), when I want to buy something or when I want to check information about my online banking that I do is to connect to a wifi network reliable, or the mobile data connection, it is usually much more reliable than any public wifi, do not purchase from open networks with no password or a security good, despite the fact that you can not pass anything on most of the times it is a unnecessary risk.

Motivos para usar una VPN en Android

If you have to use yes or yes, a public connection it is best to use a VPN to encrypt all traffic between the device and the webs and thus prevent any lesser evil, especially if the purchase that you’re going to make it big or you usually to use an account with lots of funds to buy.

Some facts to know about online shopping

shopping online are something existent, something real, millions of people purchase on the Internet, but unfortunately there are still many people who don’t come out right, you have to take into account a few things and curious facts that lead people to be scam, though again, with a little care and experience it is almost impossible that a web will estafe, only you have that use these tips and common sense.

  • 99% of malware today is developed for Android mobile, so that we are the main goal to pursue, you must be careful.
  • 37 million users worldwide have been scammed during the 2015, there are many people although it is also true that in the world there are a lot of people, it is a small percentage easily avoidable with these tips.
  • A 66% of users use passwords that are easy to making use of the key PASSWORD, or 123456, are two of the keys most used in the world and with this kind of keys we’re exposing yourself to a risk more than evident by the lack of common sense.

common sense, that is the golden rule for buying online, though if you have any questions just use the comments and we’ll help you happy, for years we have been buying online at all kinds of stores and we have never had a major problem. We have bought online in China, in stores all over the world and even until we have bought in the united States from Spain and we have never had any problem. We want to avoid the scams online, if you follow the tips it will be very difficult to get ripped.

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