Three tricks of the keyboard Gboard for maximum advantage


Yesterday, you had website the keyboard of Google has been updated to Gboard, with a new interface and features. A long time ago that what we were waiting for, and what we have received with open arms.

finally, we don’t have to leave the app you’re using the keyboard to perform a search. This opens to us a vast world of possibilities. Do you know what you can do with the Gboard? We are going to show you the best cheats for the new keyboard from Google

integrated Search

This is the main novelty, and we want you to learn to take advantage of. Apart from that you can see what you want on Google from the keyboard, the new Gboard has integration with the cards of Google, so that you can make several consultations that will take you to cards.

  • Check the time
  • Query a location
  • mathematical Operations
  • sports Results
  • Definitions of words, or biographies of people
  • Book a flight

The list is much more extensive, but these are some of the cards Gboard. It is extremely comfortable to write “the weather in Malaga”, and that automatically appears, without having to navigate through the results page. This is the feature that we liked the Gboard.

quick Access to the writing with one hand

Another of the advantages of the new Gboard is the ease it gives us to type with one hand. To do this, so you’ll just have to click on the icon of the G, and then give it to the icon of the medium. Automatically the keyboard will change size, so you can use it with one hand.

This mode is ideal if you walk down the street with a bag, or if you simply you need a free hand to do any other thing. Once again, Google makes our life easier.

Search for Gifs by name


This function is a bit more hidden, but is simply brilliant. It is accessed by pressing the button of the emojis, when you give it, a bar will appear at the top of the keyboard called “seek emojis”. You’ll be able to put key words such as heart, fruit, nature

Or without directly put the name of the emoji, as for example banana, camera. That may not seem like it is useful, but with the large amount of emojis there are currently, it’s much faster to search for them as well once you get used to it, we recommend that you take the test.

do You have enjoyed these small tips?

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