Three reasons why you don’t need a mobile phone extremely thin

Oppo R5In recent years, we have seen how manufacturers have been refining the designs of their terminals until limits unsuspectedly. Until very recently, we had terminals to extremely thick, with a few large frames and featuring an ergonomic questionable. Yes, they were strong as a stone, and we’re not talking about the time Nokia, if not to the time of the Xperia Z1, Galaxy S4, HTC M7 and other relics.

With the passage of time the designs have been polished, by reducing frames and thickness in almost all of the signatures -although some, such as Sony prefer to continue launching mobile thick and with more frames in which a box-. However, why are so functional designs of the last terminal as before? I’m going to tell you what is my personal opinion and reasons why I would not like to continue reducing the thickness.


Huawei P9 Plus, análisis, características, precio y opinionesThe first thing that struck me when I got my Huawei P9 of the box was how thin it is. We are talking about of a phone with less than 7mm thickness, with a few finishes very, very premium. The first impression is brutal, but as days pass by everything is not so nice.

By pure physics, a mobile phone so thin is a lot more difficult to grasp, this is accompanying to the premium materials like aluminum and glass have a grip null and void, so that, with all the pain of my heart, I had to buy a protective cover Spigen with a gummy feel to not feel that I dropped the mobile at each moment.


samsung galaxy s7 edge alternativaAlready told you about the deceptions more common manufacturers with regard to the batteries, one of them is that in a terminal thin you can’t put a large battery. The P9, without going any further has 3000mAh in only 6,95 mm thick, and Xiaomi deployed batteries of 4000mAh in bodies of just 8mm, so that power can be.

however, not all manufacturers are willing to cram more battery into finer bodies, so that we can see how the terminals that are extremely thin are often sin of autonomy. luckily this every time is going to least, and we see the terminals, thin as the S7, P9 Plus, etc, assembling good batteries in thin bodies.


geekbench-htc-10-nougat-2Another of the problems of a terminal is extremely thin, is its resistance to falls. Having a mobile-resistant and premium is possible, and if not tell that to HTC. it Is true that there are terminals thin resistant, such as the P9 or the OnePlus 3, however the rest does not stand out precisely because of its resistance to falls.

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe that manufacturers must not become obsessed with the thinness of the terminals, since it can offer a good finish by keeping the resistance of the cell.

What do you think you are?

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