This War of Mine, the game of survival is military Android tablets and TV

This War of Mine Android

In recent times, the videogame industry is seeing a severe change thanks to the introduction of indie companies, aimed at providing an excellent result putting much emphasis on artistic sections , sound and narrative . This War of Mine is a clear example of this, after his success in PC collected last year, the company 11 bit Studios has decided to launch on other platforms, such as Android.

The “casual” videjuegos are great for entertaining one point, but if we want to go further and get into a deep story, this title will offer unheard .

This War of Mine, every decision counts in your survival

paper and take control of our character, a civil refugee and war affected by intense he is living in the city and try to avoid the dangers that lurk around every corner. The site is an abandoned building, accompanied by another two civilians than we control and manage all your tasks at all times day or night .

During the day, snipers are lurking in our presence and we impede leave our shelter . Therefore, it is the right time to manage the food, make the necessary maintenance and trade with our partners to ensure common survival. Once the sun goes light, it is the perfect place to hide in the dark moment collect supplies and all kinds of objects to stay alive and keep alive the trade of our neighbors of refuge.

The game is dark, sad, deep and you spread desolation and fear of war . It is not easy, far from it, but you should keep in mind that every decision has -as happens with The Walking Dead-and is crucial in the development of our history.

Undoubtedly, it is one of those games that worth having and make the purchase without thinking , especially if you have it available in both tablets as Android TV , by Having the chance to enjoy a big screen, without that experience would not be the same.

Google Play | This War of Mine (9.99 euros)

What are you willing to do to survive?

And you do you think? Drop by This War of Mine, the war game survival is tablets and Android TV to make your mark.

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