This smartphone from ZTE is can paste to the wall and scan your iris automatically

the world of technology progresses in leaps and bounds and every day we have something new to talk about. In the world of smartphones every day there are new developments and news that can surprise us, as that which we bring below.

In the last few hours, the chinese company ZTE announced the contest winner project CSX, a kind of competition where the participants had to perform a brainstorm and subsequently, there would be a vote among the best. The aim of the competition was making a smart device cautivara to the users of the network and that outside original.

zte-iris winner the contest has been the author of a smart phone that integrates a system of eye tracking with the rear of the device, self-adhesive, a prototype of a phone that I won the contest surely ZTE what to pick as a project and try it out in a time-to-market.

The system of eye tracking is divided in two front-facing cameras, which follow the movements of the user’s eyes and translate the information as a input system for driving the user interface. A good example might be the scrolling inside a web page.

zte iris adhesivoThis prototype smartphone in addition capture your eyes and hold them as a system of entry provides for a system in which the screen only can be view by user who is in front of her, making those who observe from outside the axis can’t see what is happening on the screen, and therefore provide us with privacy.

design of the smartphone is not definitive since the author has proposed many variants. The fact of creating a back self-adhesive is directly related to the follow-up of the eyes, because such a system works much better when the smartphone is subject to the hand, or even to a stationary surface.

zte-adhesivo phase of product development can have already started, if all goes well we could see the first images you post on the CES 2017.

do you Think that this prototype will become a reality? Would you like to?

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