This is the reason why you’re not going to use or Bixby or Google Assistant on the Galaxy S8

¬°Oh! I Am really excited about, I live in Spain and I have already purchased my Galaxy S8 on Amazon a few days ago. After seeing the presentation of the Galaxy S8 I’ve realized that I need to change my Galaxy S7 by a Galaxy S8 to enjoy the latest trend in 2017, the virtual assistants.

Samsung has realized that AI is the future, and that’s why has endowed his phone of two virtual assistants, one is called Bixby (developed by Viv, the creators of Siri) and the other is Google (the famous Google Assistant). Now, even though I was exaggerating a little bit, although I’ve bought, I’m going to tell you why you’re not going to use or Bixby, or Google Assistant.

Bateria Galaxy S8

why you’re not going to use any virtual assistant in the Galaxy S8?

The reason is easy, I don’t want to wait any longer, none of the virtual assistants of the Galaxy S8 speaks Spanish and that this does not speak the language of Cervantes is a problem, you’re not going to use it.

is Not that you are not going to use it because you don’t know how to speak English, that this may be the case, but in the case of Google Assistant for this to work (at least for the moment) you have to change some language Settings to English, or does not appear. Therefore, you are left with the famous Google Now cards that nobody uses.

Bixby, this yes you can use it but you may not understand it

In the case of Bixby Samsung assured that I speak 7 or 8 languages at launch but a few days ago has confirmed that still does not speak Spanish though he claims to be working very hard to Bixby to work as soon as possible on your phone. it Is possible that even Bixby already speak Spanish in the launch from the terminal but it doesn’t seem very likely.

on the other hand, Bixby, is a full you need to download and install as soon as you say that the Galaxy S8 has a dedicated button for a wizard that you don’t understand is going to give you the comedown but that is not a problem. Does anyone going to buy this mobile by the AI?

In reality I think not, people will buy it for the beautiful thing that is, by the impressive specifications of the Galaxy S8 and the powerful camera that mounts two different sensors but with the best results on the market, there is no doubt that it will be for that before you by your personal assistant that doesn’t speak your language. If you are English speaking it is obvious that this article does not affect you but if you’re speaking starts to delay the illusion of use Bixby or Google Assistant into your language.

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