This is the reason why the Nexus of 2015 does not support gestures on the fingerprint reader

lector huellas nexus 6pseveral days Ago, I brought a news that there would be too much to the holders of the disposivos Nexus 5X and 6P of Google, and it is these two terminals would not receive two of the features of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, as are the night mode of the screen, or the the gestures on the fingerprint reader.

Have been to a lot of users that have demonstrated their inconformity with this move by Google, even more so when many of these users, thanks to some research carried out that we have known by Android Police, have realized that the Nexus 6S and the new Google Pixel share exactly the same sensor used for the fingerprint reader of the device.

For this reason, Google has had to face, and has been a worker of Google, Ian Lake, who has offered an explanation clarifying what is the reason that the Nexus 6S is not compatible with the gestures on the fingerprint reader, while the new Pixel itself that provides this functionality.

Google Pixel, novedadesThe same hardware does not mean the same capabilities. This is the explanation that Ian Lake has offered to the users, further noting that the lack of this feature is due to the outdated firmware intended for the sensor with which the Nexus 6S from Huawei.

But this problem is compounded when we realize that since there are different tools with which it is possible to enter gestures on the fingerprint reader of different devices, which of course, includes the Nexus of the year 2015, which indicates to us that Google would not be working to the maximum to bring the latest news to the users of their previous smartphones.

Be that as it may, and although it is not possible to introduce this functionality, at least in the Nexus 6S, all seems to indicate that the bearers of these devices will have that to comply with the tools and third-party applications that already exist, as we are telling our fellow Rooting a few days ago.

do you Have a Google Nexus 5X or 6P?, what do you think about the explanation from Google?

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