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Colecciones Google+

few days ago we talked about the Collections of Google+, a new feature that would allow us organize our publications in the social network Google for collections, as its name suggests . The news arose from a leak, is that until now was being tested a closed group of people.

But today seems the day indicated that Google’s open to the public, as we report from Android Police. ourselves we can easily check just by visiting the page that has been enabled on Google+ regarding this development.


Thus, new possibilities arise Google+. On the one hand, we can create collections in relation to our interests . For example, we could create a collection called “Android,” another “Sports” and so, all we want. These collections may be followed by people who may also choose which ones to follow and which not, according to their own interests. In addition, each collection will be customizable so that we can use a different cover photo for each.

For the moment, this new feature is not yet available, but as we say, everyone seems to agree that it will be activated throughout the day . So now you know, another advance in the social network of Google, which is still alive and kicking.

Google+ | Collections

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