These would be the prices of the new Nexus 2016

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the new Nexus it is possible to have it all to succeed, but must have a attractive price if you want to reign in the market. It is clear that the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6S were and still are great, but they went out at a fairly high price of release (which few could afford). For this reason, not to have harvested too many sales in countries such as Spain, users are opting more for other kinds of mobile phones.

however, Google wants the new Nexus everything is different. But the prices, although falling, are not falling as much perhaps as they should be (but also may not give away). We will tell you the prices of the new Nexus Marlin and Sailfish on the basis of rumors:

Nexus 5P

Prices of the new Nexus 2016

The rumors indicate that these will be the new prices:

  • Nexus Sailfish from $ 449
  • Nexus Marlin from $ 599

These prices make sense, because in the case of Sailfish is costing about € 30 less than the Nexus 5 at its launch. On the other hand, Marlin would be costing 50 euros less than the Nexus 6S in its launch. The change from the dollar to the euro is not applied, typically cost the same price in euros.

remain expensive, but on the inside I am very interesting. However, I do not know to what extent someone who has a Nexus 5 or Nexus 6S you can change it to any of these phones. They are virtually similar on the inside and even worse on that screen is referring to, because the fans of phablets 5.7 inch as the Nexus 6S will have to go down to the 5.5-inch Marlin if you want a terminal large.

Here you can see the specifications of the new Nexus (rumors).

prices are a little worrisome

Google can not give away the mobile. But hopefully the change enough, because but the Nexus 5X now for a little over 200 euros it’s an incredible bet. You Will Have Nougat.

do Not see news about Nexus 5 or Nexus 6S. They are very powerful and the cameras are brilliant, really, in the little can improve. And if they still above they are so expensive… we’ll see what happens with the passage of these weeks. They are close to being released, possibly at the end of September-beginning of October.

What do you think about these prices? Why would you buy a new Nexus taking into account the differences with the current?

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