These are the top 10 retro games for your Android

In every age there has been a video game that has marked those who play, but has as technology advances are being forgotten. However, many times we want to relive those great moments of the past. If this is your case, read on and find out the 10 best retro games for Android.

Mega Man

One of the games badge NES. In Mega Man you’re a robot that tries to thwart the plans of evil genius Dr. Wily who has taken 6 robots. You will need to confront these 6 robots, each one of the levels of the game.


Tetris is one of the classics of all times. Sort blocks in order to avoid that it reaches the top of the screen can be very entertaining.

This new mobile version has several forms of play, you can stick with the original format or try one of the alternative ways that offer bonuses and additional challenges.

If you are a fan of Tetris you may be interested to know Push and Pop, the best Tetris game for Android.

Super Monkey Ball: Sakura

One game that stands out for its simplicity and how addictive that can be. Super Monkey Ball more than 100 levels very well rendered.

Collect all the bananas that you can in your way and attempts to dominate the six worlds. In addition to brings four mini-games additional.

Crazy Taxi Classic

If you played in the console Sega Dreamcast you should play Crazy Taxi. An excellent game where your mission is to lead your customers to their destination as possible, but you should move quickly because the arrival time is quite reduced.

Super Mario Run

This title is not exactly a well-known Mario Bros, but it is the best way to relive the adventures of this mythical character from our mobile.

as in the first Mario Bros released in 1985, you must collect coins and defeat all the enemies that cross your path.

Prince of Persia: Escape

this is Not a game exact Prince of Persia original, however, you could say that is the adaptation officer.

A game pretty challenging in which you must run, jump, and avoid falling into precipices and peaks.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtual tennis Challenge is one of the best games of tennis that has been able to develop. Another classic from console Sega Dreamcast that we must have in our mobile if we want to relive old times.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

If we talk about classics Sonic is a title required. On this occasion we bring to you the first of all the Sonic, launched in 1991 by SEGA.

And if you want to play a new Sonic, you can try Sonic Forces: Speed Battle.

Space Invaders

although its graphics are not competitive with the current games, it is still a game that attracts many players.

The developers have managed to make a game quite similar to the original version, we can even see on the screen of the mobile controls arcade.


To close this list we bring to you Pac-Man, another classic with many followers, their more than 100 million download in Play Store confirm this.

Eat the dots and fruit while avoiding the ghosts are becoming more and more fast. keep the graphics, sounds and original music for revivas the full experience..

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