These are the new emojis Android 7.1 Nougat

emojis-android-7-1-nougat-destacadaMakes it something less than 3 days Android 7.1 Nougat came in the form of a Developer Preview to allow us to take a first look at each and every one of its novelties. From here, of course, we have already been able to test this version and we have brought you video of all the new features of this update.

Still, to this day we continue to know further details about this version of Google’s operating system, and if yesterday you were showing how to be able to send GIFs using only the keyboard of Google, today we’ll show you the new emojis included in Android 7.1 Nougat that already appear on the official website of emojipedia. we’re Going to see them!

Discover the new emojis Android 7.1


Such as we could already see a few months ago, Google would have decided to start to implement emojis on professions carried out by women, and in this way promote gender equality within the Unicode standard.

it has Not been until this version when we have been able to see all these new emojis included in Android, and we find 16 professions that we will be able to choose between men and women, as well as between different tones of color. By adding up all the possible combinations, we found up to 192 new emojis. These are the professions among which we can choose emojis of men or women:

  • Doctor
  • Student
  • Professor
  • Judge
  • Farmer
  • Chef
  • Mechanical
  • factory Worker
  • Clerk
  • Scientific
  • software Engineer
  • Singer
  • Artist – painter
  • Pilot
  • Astronaut
  • Firefighter

android-7-1-nougat-emojis-monoparentaleson the other hand, we are also going to emojis of single-parent families with one, or two children, although that yes, in this case we’re not going to be able to choose between different skin tones.

finally, in Android 7.1 we will also find 4 new emojis aside from the above: a flag with the colors of the rainbow, three new symbols to indicate the genders masculine, feminine, and one of them Rod of Aesculapius, which represents a symbol doctor.

emojis-simbolos-nuevos-android-7-1-nougatThese are all new emojis that we will be able to find on Android 7.1 Nougat, without a doubt, we are faced with a huge amount of new symbols which increase even more the variety of emojis in the Google operating system. Remember that this new version of Android loaded emojis new may already be installed on compatible devices.

What do you think about the new emojis Android 7.1 Nougat?

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