These are the changes and adjustments in the Clash Royale for the march update

As you well know, Clash Royale always makes updates to adjust the letters. Some received an increase of power, while others are weakened. So attentive to this because your deck could change completely. These are the changes of the new update of march 2019 in Clash Royale.

it Is important to remember this weekend is the third birthday of Clash Royale, so takes the events of the game to earn more gold and emotes.

These are the changes from march in the Clash Royale


  • +1 unit
  • -13% of life

even Though you believe that to this letter are weakening by this 13% of life less, now the group of barbarians will be 5.

Hammer of Battle, Hut Barbarians and Barrel Barbarian

  • -13% of life

Supercell knew that the whole family of barbarians were too strong, for this they have decided to weaken it. Now the Hut of Barbarians, the Barrel of Barbarians and the Hammer of Battle will have less life.

From Androidphoria we recommend that for now don’t use the Hammer of Battle, in the February update he had already reduced the speed of loading, and now will reduce the life.

Tower Bomber

  • Explodes after your death

Now the Tower Bomber is like the Balloon Bombastic and as the Giant Skeleton, it explodes after being shot down. It is important to know that the range of the explosion is the double the normal range of attack of this burden.


  • attack Speed from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds

This new letter is not very strong currently and also this change strengthens it. For this is that it increases the speed of attack, because if you ignore them and you stop to attack you, the damage will be considerable.

Crooks, Bats, and Barbarians Gang of Goblins

  • +0.15 seconds to appear per unit

All of these are letters which appear in groups. Now these will take a bit longer to appear. Each drive will appear 0.15 seconds after the other until all.


  • +4% most of life

A letter of by if complicates quite your rivals, it is now a little more resistant. The Crossbow will have a 4% more life.

These were the changes and settings of the update of march 2019. Remember that these changes will be made from march 4,.

Source | Clash Royale

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