These are the best games of fear free for Android

In Play Store you can get games of all styles. But if there is a genre that attracts a lot of, that is the fear, or terror. That’s why today we want to test your bravery with the 3 games most terrifying Android. So continue reading this article, if you dare.

VR Horror

VR Horror is a title that offers an experience quite creepy. Here, you will need find the keys in the hallways of a psychiatric hospital abandoned, if you want to get out of it. But the path will not be easy and will be full of scares that make you jump out of your chair. Without a doubt, you will speed up your heart.

The best thing about this game is you can see it in virtual reality, this will make it even more terrifying your way through this scary hospital. And is that when you use your glasses VR you will feel within the game. in Addition has high-definition graphics and 3D. The title is completely free, however there are some contents that are pay.

¿dare to try this game? Download it from the following link.

The Fear : Creepy Scream House

Another game that will put you the creeps. a house that “cursed” in which a tragedy occurs family. Marta has committed suicide in the asylum in which it had to be admitted due to his strange behavior. So Mike has decided to rebuild his life with his new wife and his daughter. But Marta is not ready to let it go.

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The game features a few quality graphics and an atmosphere that you will be in tension all the time. Its soundtrack is more than creepy, so it’s best to use your headphones. So you’ll experience more terrifying.

Download this game by following this link.

Sophies Curse

This is the mobile version of this popular horror game for the PC. It is una nurse who must take care of an elderly in the house they just bought. Until there all goes well. But inside the house there’s a body that will make you life miserable and destroying your nerves every time without a wait. Of course, hiding behind the darkness that reigns in this game.

The graphics of this game also have an incredible build quality. And you have a a frightening experience if you decide to play this title. we guarantee that soñarás with Sophie, that you can be sure.

you Can download it from this link.

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