These are the best augmented reality games for Android and iOS 2018

From that Pokémon GO came to the mobile platform, it became fashionable augmented reality games. Many companies and developers dedicated to Android and iOS, they started to invest in this kind of games. We can say, that the principle many titles failed not to be of high quality, but today we can see the evolution of these.

Finally, in 2018, we can already have the best augmented reality games. They are very interesting, and for sure you will like any of them.


The typical tetris you all know, only that in this case account with augmented reality. Although there is that to consider which can be more difficult to see it from this perspective. Is available only for iOS, here you can download it.

AR Basketball

If you’ve ever played Basketball Shoot, you can already imagine how it will be this game. Without a doubt, is much more practical than its 2D version, we will have to get the ball up to break the records. For now, is only available for iOS.

AR Dragon

Maybe you’ve heard about RA Dragon, it is one of the virtual pets more famous in mobile platforms. We can say, that is a kind of My Talking Tom, but of course, better to see it in augmented reality. Only available for iOS.

Jurassic World Alive

A game like Pokémon GO where you need to catch to immense dinosaurs. We will be a drone that will fire darts at the creatures to obtain their DNA and thus lead them to the base. Also we can confront against other dinosaurs to level up. Is available on iOS and Android.

The Walking Dead Our the World

it Is entertaining up to a certain point, because it can get repetitive. Even so, a part of the best because it is very practical, our goal is to locate zombies to eliminate them, and find new survivors. Available for iOS and Android.

Ingress Prime is a game very dynamic, and with a juabilidad augmented reality is very good. We will be scientists who will create new technologies for the world with the help of the objects we find. Available for iOS and Android.

One of the best shooter games of augmented reality. It is great to play in co-op, we’ll think we’re inside the game when we are in full battle. This is a game where we are a military with advanced skills, and we will have to eliminate the enemies to get the victory. It is highly recommended, and is available for iOS and Android.

The Birdcage

it Is a game puzzle very fun and interesting. Primarily, what we need to do is to free a bird from a cage by solving different puzzles. Sure you’ll spend the game in a while, it is simple, but makes you think. Available on iOS and Android.

Knightfall AR

it Is a game of war, where the troops that we have available will be directed by us. In the course of the battle we may to bring our phone to the war zone, and see every detail. Available for iOS and Android.

Warhammer AoS: Realm War

With this game, we will be able to live battles with a dynamic similar to the Clash Royale. There are many warriors you will unlock little by little, and each of them performs a different action. It is also highly recommended by the users, and is available for iOS and Android.