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There is no doubt that smartphones help us to be connected to the global network of steadily . With this tremendous capacity, should like to give a detailed commentary on how your day – Is not that the reason that there are social networks This debate will leave it for another day, ‘? and they can watch others do the same. For those detailed comments many users seeking an ally in Twitter .

Twitter has many clients available for Android so many people wonder what all should use. We have made this article a list of our favorites, and surely we will have left a few others out. Many of these my share functions such as the ability to schedule your tweets or see your timeline .

After this introduction beve go into the matter and bring it to us, are best Twitter clients for Android .



website as TweetCaster we have discussed on other occasions . We’ve even done a video analysis of TweetCaster. We talked a lot and very well this app , and for many Android users accounting for first contact with a Twitter client alternative .

In many respects exceeds the official Twitter app. Among other things lets you schedule tweets to come out at specific times, supports GIFs long before app official and seeks own way with its design despite being unable to give up the blue colors that one associates with Twitter.

TweetCaster is available in two variants: A free version monetized with ads and version pro pay


Google Play | TweetCaster (Free)

Google Play | TweetCaster Pro (3.77 euros)

Fenix ​​

Fenix for Twitter

Fenix ​​is ​​one of our weaknesses together with another client that you will appear later. It has a great design based on Google Now, its interface is intuitive and attractive, it is very easy to use and have everything at your fingertips. Not only has delighted us, but also co-Rooting recommend.

Among its features we can cite open links from timeline without leaving an external browser -using one focused on reading news- or support for TweetMaker . For now continues to use the design language Holo, although brief will begin using Material Design.

Google Play | Fenix ​​(5.43 euros)


Capturas Talon

Talon is one of those large customers that everyone should try . It is another application which we talked a lot website as it also dedicated video analysis to meet Talon, like we did with TweetCaster. One of the things that most caught the attention of Talon when we tested it for the first time was his more than good with KitKat integration, and now app has been reinvented to match better with Material Design.

However, this latest version has a downside: only works on devices running Android 5.0 and up . In addition, the main feature you can customize the application, while preserving the main design.

Google Play | Talon (4.54 euros)



Plume is one of the oldest customers who have best managed to adapt to changing times. It offers a clean, uncluttered interface, plus a own version tablets . As is the case with TweetCaster, offers a free version with ads and monetized pro payment.

Google Play | Plume (Free)

Google Play | Plume Premium (3.61 euros)

Falcon Pro

Aspecto de Falcon Pro 3

Falcon Pro is another of our undisputed favorites . For a long time this Twitter client developed by Joaquim Verges was a reference in its sector besides having achieved other important milestones such as the first Twitter client that exhausted the tokens of user.

With this third version are completely revamped interface , and even download free is necessary to make a payment in-app about 3.40 euros to use it. Falcon Pro wants to continue making war, and with this third version seeks to return to become a app reference.

Google Play | Falcon Pro (free download with purchase in-app Mandatory)

Tweetings for Twitter


Tweetings is another client of the great . It has a simple design and an interface to Google Now, something we have already seen in other clients of the same collection. It also has its own interface to tablets and Notification push . The most important feature, we can mention that offers support watches as Pebble or Android Wear .

Google Play | Tweetings

And here our look at best Twitter clients according Andro4all. We have not included some hybrid applications like Hootsuite Seeismic or because we wanted to deal with clients who work exclusively with Twitter and not with other social networks. In any case, if you think we’ve made some or have something to add to our list do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

And you do you think? Head over These are the best Twitter clients for Android to make your mark.

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