These are the 3 most anticipated games for Android 2018

we are increasingly close to reaching the end of the year, and while this is supposed to be a year older, there is good news that will make you forget that moral dilemma. So still needs to reach many more games to Android and we have prepared a list with the 3 most anticipated games of the 2018 that you can’t pass up.

¡Racing, adventures and more!

Let’s get straight to the point, we don’t want to waste time talking about what’s possible releases that will be carried out on Android. We have chosen 3 games that will arrive in late 2018, and within that selection, we are committed that we think will be the best.

F1 Mobile Racing

The wait will be worth it, since a long time ago that we don’t have a good game Formula 1 in Android. This edition fully licensed will allow the fans to run with the cars official racing that can be played against the artificial intelligence or against other players online.

Still there is no release date confirmed, but the developers have said that F1 Mobile Racing will be out on Android before the end of the year.

PayDay: Crime War

establishing itself as one of the shooting games more popular on consoles and PC, PayDay prepares its arrival to Android. It will do so by means of editing Crime War, which will allow players to compete against another team to see who is the thief most hard of all.

The game still has no departure date, although the developer team announced that everything is planned so that the same arrives in the month of December 2018.

Assassin’s Creed Rebellion

Developed by Ubisoft, this new installment of the saga Assassin’s Creed will offer us something different to what we’ve seen until now. It will be a strategy game with RPG elements. The same will develop their history in Spain, and by what we’ve seen until now, the graphic will be amazing.

The game was released a while ago in New Zealand and the Philippines free of charge. There is still no official confirmation of that to other countries, but many claim that their arrival is dated to December of this year.

If the game that you hope is not in this list, we recommend you to leave us a comment telling us why you should be here. In addition, other users may become interested in that game that both want.

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