There is a new hoax WhatsApp, this time the virus is called “Machupo”

and WhatsApp hoaxes are always around, because the truth is that even if we want to we are not able to get rid of them. This last one is a virus called Machupo. A strange name and difficult to write without a mistake, but that is already claimed many victims who have believed the message was true.

Since we have always found all sorts of hoaxes on WhatsApp with which we must be very careful, but what is clear, is that we now have a new hoax that is called Machupo and that is stalking many users.

New hoax WhatsApp: Machupo

As we have the guys Movilzona, the protagonist of today is this another hoax. The user receives the following message from WhatsApp:

Alert urgent, please be careful not to take the paracetamol that comes written p/500. Is a paracetamol new very white and bright, the doctors try to contain machupo, the virus is considered to be one of the most dangerous viruses in the world. And with high mortality rate. Please share this message to all of the family and the family. And save the life of them“.

This is the message WhatsApp of this hoax Machupo that have received a lot of users. Warning about a possible virus, on the new capsules of Acetaminophen carry a deadly virus in its interior. ¡¡It’s all a lie!!

on the assumption that the text is very poorly drafted, we know that is a lie, because if true it would not expand into a chain of WhatsApp, but it would go before on the news… but do not worry, because this new paracetamol p/500 is not going to do any harm, since everything you say is a lie.

do Not share it, it is a lie

If you get it, do not share it because it’s not worth the effort. Is a hoax is a lie. Messages such as these there are always kicks. It is best to pass and not make a case. We hope to have helped you with this alert. Unfortunately, there are so many and we hope that the users will not fall and you realize in time that is a lie.

did you receive this hoax on your WhatsApp?

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