The Xiaomi Watch would arrive this month, but not so cheap

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Xiaomi is a great company, the truth is that the test devices of this brand has made me think otherwise. The chinese Xiaomi are able to manufacture products very competitive, and of great quality, for very little money.

Now, it is rumored the launch of a new product the 25th of August and as the date approaches we have two candidates running for the launch: The new Xiaomi RedMi 4, which has more than once spoken, and the possible Xiaomi SmartWatch, a device that could also be announced. Is more, Xiaomi could introduce two new products on the same day but until that arrives we don’t know if they actually will or not.

Xiaomi Mi Watch precio

The Xiaomi Watch: great quality but not so cheap

The news this time comes from Weibo in that it is said that the Xiaomi Watch will go on the market this month but the price is not going to be as low as some expect. We are all accustomed to see how the prices of Xiaomi are really low and affordable but this time the first smart watch of the brand could come out of this trend.

What is certain is that we were expecting to see the Xiaomi Watch for a price of around $ 150 but after you made this comment, we may expect a higher price although it is probably more complete than what we have seen to date.

Might be expensive but not cost more than any other

The clock of Xiaomi would not be the first wearable from the brand but yes that would mean its first smartwatch and the launch of a new product in a different segment is always difficult and anything economic so we should expect a price much more aggressive for a second smartwatch, the first one looks like it’s going to cost more than what many believe though, in comparison with the others, insurance is still priced according to the market.

We will have more news about this device during the next few days, if Xiaomi really decides to launch its smartwatch this month will face the smartwatch Meizu although this company has decided not to launch a smartwatch digital but an analog clock with functions added, a little more homespun for any user.

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