The Xiaomi MiPad and MiPad 2 will not update to MIUI 8

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Yesterday we learned that MIUI 8 will be a very interesting feature, you will have the possibility of using the multi-tasking split-screen in real time, but that doesn’t mean that everything is perfect in the offices of Xiaomi.

We have known the devices that will be updated to MIUI 8 and among them there are two great devices that you have created this company, the Xiaomi MiPad and the Xiaomi MiPad 2. What is certain is that these tablets are impressive, and in fact we have analyzed the Xiaomi MiPad 2 with great affection. Now, Xiaomi must not be very happy with their tablets or don’t sell enough to worry about them. You can also be selling many Windows and few with MIUI, that could be another reason but what is certain is that we do not know.

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The tablet of Xiaomi will not have MIUI 8

time Xiaomi has not ruled out the possibility but yes, it is true that not appear in the list of devices that will be updated to MIUI 8 so that all these new features could not serve us for anything.

Is more, currently the MiPad 2, a tablet that carries little in the market, is not up-to-date in Marshmallow form official MIUI 7 and the ROM global not account with the Spanish language, we all are in trouble if you want a device updated and working properly.

To us everything that makes Xiaomi we love it, yes, the truth is that their devices are best quality / price ratio but have a problem that makes devices not recommended for all users:

  • Problems with the ROMs modified.
  • Few updates to the tablets or lack of them.
  • Problems with Google services.

, As you well know MIUI does not have Google Play series and this can be a problem for many users. It is easy to install the Google Play on any mobile phone Xiaomi but that’s not guaranteed to work. do you Have a MiPad 2 and you also fly by that Xiaomi has forgotten a device that should be updated? If so we would like you to use all the comments to express your discontent, we would like to talk with Xiaomi directly if there are many complaints.

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