The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will come with Snapdragon 855 and 5G next Monday

All the rumors suggest that Xiaomi will launch the future Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 the next Monday, October 15. However, the leakage does not stop even though no seems to give the key to.

I move that this is no different, it is a rumor filtering, and we can’t confirm it as official but, if true, Xiaomi would have given the nail on the head. Everything indicates that the third generation of Xiaomi My Mix is closer and a counter, filtering through a store, indicates that it will do so with several exclusives. The Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 would be one of the first to enjoy technology 5G, something that had already been filtered before, but also the first to release the powerful Snapdragon 855 7 nm.

┬┐it Will be the first with Snapdragon 855?

This is what seems less credible, although last year we came up short for the first time the Snapdragon 845, so the firm is influential and it is not the first time you launch mobile with features pioneering.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 features a GPS Dual never before seen on mobile and the new My Mix 3 could be a novel in many ways. This will also give much sense to the connectivity 5G, as it will be supported by the Snapdragon 855.

What characteristics will the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3?

Between the leaks we found a lot of data, to distinguish it quite complicated:

  • Great full screen 6,4 inches, surely Full HD with AMOLED technology.
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, perhaps one of the most dubious.
  • 8 GB RAM with 256 GB of storage, among other options.
  • rear Camera 16 MP + 13 MP with a focal huge and a great quality photo. Some rumors even suggest that a premiere of a triple rear-facing camera, but it does not seem too reliable.
  • Camera for selfies 20 MP.
  • Battery 3850 mAh, surely with the Quick Charge 4.0+.

The surprise is, however, in the Snapdragon 855, which has not yet been seen in any other mobile. Another of the novelties of this phone would be a front-facing camera, slide-out, something that we have already seen in the famous LIVE Nex.

we will Wait the next Monday to see what presents the chinese company. Other spotlights have even been put in the Xiaomi Mi Note 4, well, it could be the fall, and we have no trace of its features.

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