The Xiaomi Mi A1 receives the update of the Android Pie with its own FM radio

The Xiaomi Mi A1, which came to market last year, is finally getting its update to Android Foot. Yes, this is only available to a closed list of beta-testers. After My A2 and My A2 Lite to receive their portion of the pie, it came to the portion of the popular Xiaomi Mi A1.

Eye, it is useless to look for updates in your MY A1 because this first version is only sent to beta-testers. You’ll have to wait a bit for the Xiaomi Mi A1 start to receive the update Android. Yes, there’s a download link for those who are impatient, and they want the new version of the operating system on your mobile.

Arrives to the radio at the Xiaomi Mi A1

The weight of this new update is 1GB, this includes security patches for the month of December and all the new Android Foot. Now your mobile will have the function of battery adaptive and up to a app to listen to FM radio.

even Though the Xiaomi Mi A1 has hardware to spare for running an app of FM radio, the only way to use it was through a process somewhat uncomfortable. Without a doubt, this is a way annoying to access the application. The mobile, which first upgraded to Flash 8.0 and then to 8.1, by order receives its radio app thanks to Android 9 Foot.

The app FM radio in the Xiaomi Mi A1 seems to be a tool ordinary. It was time that this device was upgraded so that you can tune to your favorite stations without further complication.

Source | Fonearena

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