The wearables are not attractive enough to today

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¿Are the wearables sufficiently innovative and intelligent products, or simply a market segment being brutalmemente forced in our faces under the guise of innovation? If we ignore a study published by Juniper Research, it seems that the second is closer to the reality today that we live in. This institution has found that very few consumers are interested in purchasing devices wearables.

through a survey that involved something more than 2000 individuals (all owners of a smartphone) in the United Kingdom and the united States, the study came to the conclusion that only one person in five would be willing to pay more than 175 $ for any type of device wearable. This study confirms what many already suspected: there is not much hope for the wave of burdensome smartwatches that have hit the market recently. In turn, this fact throws some light on the reason for the popularity of wearables of more low-cost, such as the FitBit.

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in spite of everything, this opinion is somewhat “opposite” to the one who teaches us the study when researching the brands more attractive. Both Apple and Samsung, brands that offer ranges of wearables more expensive, are in the first positions of the ranking, with 75 per cent of individuals stating that they would prefer these two companies over any other. Other manufacturers with products that make use of the Google operating system, Android Wear, form top five of brands best rated. Companies like Pebble, and a good number of brands sports, that manufacture wearables at a price more restrained, are located in positions lower on the list

Juniper Research continues and suggests that the shortage of a use is essential and justified that he could give a smartwatch is reducing the amount of money that people would be willing to spend. On the other hand, products related to physical activity have a clear use. It is an interesting fact, since the main objection I have to the respondents is the poor duration of the battery in this type of devices.

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do Not let us back to the a large portion (20 per cent) of individuals users smarphones who are interested in the section of wearables higher range, which may, perhaps, be sufficient to cause the spark to take off this segment. We can observe that Samsung and Apple don’t seem to complain about the number of sales, so that each one is free to interpret this study the way you prefer.

What is your opinion as to the wearables currently?

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