The truth about the picture of the abyss of Facebook

La verdad sobre la foto del abismo de Facebook

Not everything we see is real, and less if what we see in social networks, because they could be retouched photos. There are many photos that have become viral because they are not as certain as they seem, but in this case, we have to highlight one in particular. A boy has been hung on a stone over an abyss that it seems that is many meters from the sea, and the first impression of users who see it is “how has dared to do it.” However, this picture hides a secret. Do you want to find this out?

What hides the photo from the abyss of Facebook?

foto abismo y roca facebook

These days, has been around for Facebook photo of a chasm in Facebook. This photograph has left many users surprised, because we see a guy hanging from a rock aimed at an abyss. The photo in question is the one that we see in the cover image, and it is certain that it really is amazing.

Where is the trick? it Is clear, that this can be done without cheating or cardboard, but it would be a madness that could end your life, so don’t even try. But in this case, the picture has cheat. do you Get to see it?

This guy is Luis Fernando Candela. Uploaded a photo to Facebook by pretending to do a physical effort that is stunning to the edge of an abyss. What happens, is that it is a trick of the camera, and many other factors.

do you Get to see the trick? This user of Facebook, what he did was hide the space that surrounds it, to exchange it for another and make it seem like something amazing.

The rock is “Pedra Do Telégrafo”

How he was caught? Because many users, when you see the dreaded picture, hung pictures full of that place, which is located in Rio de Janeiro, and right there, you do not see the rock. Then… where is the rock? Is Pedra Do Telégrafo, located on the west side of the river, and as you can see in the following photo, you do not have any risk to get in that position… well, now we know why the guy seemed that he was leaning on something with his fists.

foto abismo facebook secreto

Curious story, a pity that you pillaran. These images have become viral, and there are many users who have also made their photo trap. do you Want to do yours? You can share it with us in the comments, we’d love to see it.

What do you think of the image? Do you what you believed at the beginning?

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