The trivial returns with Asked 2, and the formula is repeated

Known as Apalabrados for most of us, the developer argentina Etermax has become interested in the audience that enjoyed and continues to enjoy Asked. As the game of questions and answers most popular of recent years, already has a second edition, which will take the name of Asked 2.

it should Be noted that when Asked 2, in Spain it could come to be called Apalabrados 2, still can’t download from the Google Play Store. It only allows you to register for Google to send a notification when the download is available. Similarly, here we will offer you the link so that you can download the application format .APK.

Without too many changes

If you expect to see large changes in Demand 2, as we want to tell you that there are not many new things to see. Is basically the same as Asked, because the mechanical response is the same. The gameplay has not changed and the modes are the same.

The only novelty that appears in Asked 2 is the possibility of create groups or clans. With these groups, users will be able to change items, crowns, and complete challenges for all to level up.

what Was missing a second part?

If you ask me the answer is a resounding no. With a simple upgrade to Asked I would have been more than enough. The inclusion of groups and clans is more than fine and was needed, but this function could have been added with an update.

although the game has not yet been officially launched, as single is available in format .APK, the final version does not distarĂ­a much of what you can see in the application that you can download from this article.

The game itself is more or less identical, there may be some difference in colors, as well as the location of the game modes, but outside of this everything is the same. What if there is that emphasize is that the application now consumes less resources and works much better in mobile low range, something the first version of Asked was not the case.

you Can download Asked 2 from this link and in format .APK. Similarly, if you wish, you can register in Google Play download the final version when it is available.

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